Heidi Carlson

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How to ensure you and your family stay healthy and well during the pandemic crisis.

This unprecedented time of COVID-19 and worldwide pandemic is extremely tough, on so many levels. Families and households have been disrupted, people have lost jobs and homes; many businesses have closed their doors and others continue to struggle wondering how long they can make it in a time like this, keep their staff, keep their doors open, and keep pivoting as the seasons change. And there are still many unknowns until COVID is behind us.

Millions of children, starting as young as Preschool, are participating in online learning, many sitting for long hours, with short breaks, isolated, often alone, and…

Heidi Carlson

Founder, Carlson Marketing Group (Seattle, WA). Full-service marketing for the Healthcare and Wellness industry. Let’s connect: www.carlsonmarketing.co

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